Masks are no longer required to enter our buildings, but you are more than welcome to wear one if you choose.

    As space allows, we will ask people to leave seats open between each family group and we will try our best to leave every other row open. However, we will not turn people away from coming to church. If you are going to be uncomfortable if people are seated in the row behind or in front of you, we encourage you to choose to enjoy our service online. It will be a great experience!

    We will have hand sanitizer throughout the building and will be taking temperature checks for all kids, staff, and volunteers in all of our Hope Kids areas.

    An RSVP lets us know which service you and your family are committing to attend. It’s simply letting us know if you’re coming and when you’re coming so we can prepare. All you have to do is select a service time for you and your family, and let us know that you’re planning on coming then. Then you’re done!

    We want to be prepared and make sure we have room for everyone!! So, we’re asking everyone to choose their service ahead of time so we can plan properly, and make it a safe experience for everyone.

    It helps us for anybody coming to services to RSVP, but definitely if you come to Hope on a regular basis.

    No - there are no seat #’s and no reserved seats, just like any other weekend at Hope. There are no tickets to print out, nothing to show us at the door.

    This isn’t a reserved seat, so if you’re late and can’t find a seat, we’ll have overflow set up for you and any others who can’t find a seat. It’s our goal to avoid this though.

    If a service is at full capacity please do not just show up to it but instead choose another service to attend.